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RF Jungle Queen Bed Storage (5x6)

Enjoy Good sleep with RF JUNGLE Queen Double bed. furniture rent can be a great solution for those who are looking for a temporary or cost-effective solution for their bedroom needs.

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Start renting RF Jungle Queen Bed Storage (5x6)


For a monthly rent or one-time price, RF Jungle Queen Bed Storage (5x6) on rent designates a specific kind of bed that is accessible for short-term rental. For individuals who have a small bedroom or require additional storage, the RF Jungle Queen Bed Storage (5x6) is made to offer plenty of storage under the bed frame.


The actual bed frame is a little bit bigger than a typical queen bed frame, and it has built-in shelves beneath the mattress. This makes it possible for you to efficiently and conveniently, store things like clothing, bedding, or other personal stuff.


If you need a short-term or affordable solution for your bedroom needs, renting an RF Jungle Queen Bed Storage (5x6) can be a fantastic choice. It might also be a great alternative for people who want to minimize their stuff or are living in a limited place.


In general, for those who require a short-term sleeping solution with additional storage space, a storage queen bed on rental might be a useful and convenient choice. 


Recommended for newcomers to the city who are working professionals, graduate students, or bachelor's degree holders. Renting a flat in Thane, Navi Mumbai, or Mumbai.

  • Color:- Jungle Dark
  • Dimension:- 60" x 72" x 18"