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RF Refrigerator 190 Liters Single Door

RentFur.Com offers the RF Refrigerator 190 Liters Single Door on rent, providing convenience and functionality. Ideal for residents in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane, this spacious refrigerator ensures hassle-free refrigeration.

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Looking for a reliable solution to your refrigeration needs? Look no further than RentFur.Com, where you can find the RF Refrigerator 190 Liters Single Door available for rent. With its spacious 190-liter capacity and efficient single-door design, this refrigerator offers both convenience and functionality. Whether you're in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, or Thane, our rental service ensures that you have access to quality appliances without the hassle of ownership. Experience the convenience of renting household appliances with flexible rental plans and affordable rates. Say goodbye to the stress of appliance ownership and hello to hassle-free refrigeration with RentFur.Com.



Brand, Size, Type & Color Only As Per Availability.

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  • Color:- As Per Availability
  • Dimension:- Up to 190 Liters